A downloadable game for Windows

Hacktics is a game prototype strongly inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics, Dungeons and Dragons, and Pokemon. Features three difficulty levels, two types of hero to play with and an integrated level editor.

This prototype arose from a New Years resolution: to complete and release a video game of any size in 2017. To keep myself motivated I joined Jamuary, a month-long game jam run by fans of Lost Decade Games. 31 days, 210 commits, and 6,829 lines of code later, I released Hacktics.

I would not have made it to the finish line if I hadn't been inspired by Matt and Geoff (of Lost Decade Games and the excellent LostCast game dev podcast), and the fun crew in the LDG Discord channel. I've really enjoyed chatting with you and I'm thankful for your encouragement. You guys rock.

I'm also thankful to the generous people at FFHacktics.com, particularly Elric and Kagebunji, as well as Mando and DeadManWalking. I admire your fandom and your artistry, and I hope you like what I've done with your work.

This is the first game jam I've completed, and the first project I've released in more than a decade. I feel so damn good about finally finishing something. I hope you enjoy playing this little prototype as much as I enjoyed creating it.


Install instructions

MacOS Requirements: 10.10+. Please note that this is an unsigned app - to run it, you will need to right click (or option click) on the app and select 'Open' from the contextual menu).

Windows Requirements: Windows 7+. If the game fails to load, you probably need to install either the .NET Framework 4.0 redistributable or the VC++ 2010 redistributable.

Please post if you run into any bugs!


Hacktics-Windows-New.zip (10 MB)


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Great work man. Really so glad you released it! Don't let the momentum stop! You did an excellent job and I can't wait to see what you create next!